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Manuscripts, letters and other texts

Solter letters
Pelageia Soltes was the head nurse of surgical hospital department. She worked at Ivdel, the hospital of military unit N-240 Ministry of Interior USSR ("Ivdalelag"). Solter and doctor Joseph Prudkov were engaged at the treatment of corpses from the place of tragedy '59. By Solter, the order of arrival of these bodies was different that known Dyatlov group members bodies arrival to Ivdale (to the medical examiner Vozrojdenny) and in different numbers. These bodies were partially burned. Participation of Prudkov is confirmed by Prudkov widow in an interview. It is a possibility that Prudkov and Solter see the bodies of the "second group" died members.
Letter from Pelageya Solter to Udin, text
Two scanned letters from (Pelageya and her husband) at photo gallery
video interview Center-Solter, part 1, part 2
Text of Interview Center with Solter. St.Peterburg, 05.07.08
Interview Center with Prudkova V.I..

The mystery of fire balls, Ivanov L ("Leninskiy put" newspaper, Kustanay, 22/24 November 1990)
The article-confession of the detective Lev Ivanov, who made the official investigation of Dyatlov group death case at 1959.

Grigoriev's notebooks
Archive with scans of 3 notebooks. Georgiy Konstantin Grigoriev, the journalist from "Uralskiy Rabochiy", took part at the rescue operation '59 and wrote down the notes about it.

Koptelov's notes
The notes of Youriy Koptelov (the student from UPI, searcher), he took part at the rescue operation twice, as the member of Slobtcov group (Feb. 23 - March 4 1959) and Martushev (after March 9 - March 25 1959). Here are the scans of his notes:
photo gallery
ZIP archive

Brusnitsin notes
The student Vadim Brusnitsyn has been involved to rescue operation within the group of Slobtsov. Brusnitsyn has been at the location from 23 February to 4 March 1959. Perhaps his notes is a draft to the transcript of interrogation for the criminal case.
photo gallery
ZIP archive, 51 Mb

Kuzminov's letter to "Ural Rabochiy" newspaper.
Nikolay Kuzminov is a searcher from the military forces who took part at the rescue operation '59. He wrote some memoirs about it (body discovering, UFO). There are two other military forces members evidences, interview with Sunikaev (involved from Feb 15 1959 in a search at Otorten, not 1079) and interview with Klimenko.
photo archive

Emil Bachurin's letter
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Sound and videos

Recordings from 50 anniversary, by NAVIG:
Speech of Budrin
Speech of Pasynkov
Speech of Slobtcov
Speech of Krivonischenko's friend
Speech of Udin

Recordings of 02.02 2011 meeting at the Memorial on Michailovskoe Cemetary, by Helga.

Interview of Zinoview with Nevolin, text transcription of the tape by Timur Voskoboynikov, published by Foundation

Interviews with Korotaev (published by the Foundation "In memory of Dyatlov group")
Speech at 37 anniversary of the tragedy
Speech at 50 anniversary of the tragedy (the recording of Center)
Interview of Center with Korotaev (Center recording, March 31 2007)

Interviews made by independed researchers:

Interviews by Maya Piskaryova (with Sharavin, Rashevskaya (Doroshenko), Askinasi, Udin, Zolotarev's relatives, Tibo's relatives, people from Vijay and many more)

Video interviews by Sasha KAN with searchers '59 and Udin (Mohov, Sharavin, Udin, Bartolomey)

NAVIG's interviews, at his site http://infodjatlov.narod.ru:
Interview with brother of Dubinina.
Interview with Udin
With Korotaev, 31.03.07 г.
Interview with Кorotaev, 24.04.07
Interview with Sharavin, 15.02.07
Speech of Patrusheva from the movie "Po sledam propavshego Yaka"
Interview with Brusnitsin
Interview with Udin, 10/2007
Interview with Koptelov at 49 Anniversary
Koptelov's schemes of ravine, ceadr, tent
Interview with Udin at 49 Anniversary
Interview with Vsevolojskaya 24-26.03.08
Letter from Udin about the clothing.
Interview with Solter, 05.07.08
Interview with Taranova
Interview with Prudkova V.I.
Interview with Suvorov
Interview with Dubinin I,07.09.08
Interview with Novokreschyonov G.
Interview with Dyatlovas T.A.
Interview with Mohov by Koskin at Dyatlov's Pass
Interview with Mohov
Interview with Sunikaev, 25.10.08
Interview with Korotaev, 08.12.08
Interview with Kolmogoriva T.A.
Interview with the pilot Patrushev's widow Gamatina V.N. 01.02.09
Interview with Sunikaev, 01.02.09
Udin's speech at 50 Anniversary
Udin's answers about the puttie
Interview with the brother of Roostem Slobodin, 02.02.09
Interview with Kolmogorova Zina's sister Zaprudina T.A, 02.02.09
Interview with Vozrojdyonnaya M.B., 15-17.03.09
Interview with Klimenko, Feb 25-26 2009