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Chronicle - Videlson
The chronicle of events related to the tragedy on North Urals 1959. The chronicle is the fragments of documents and testimonies, sorted by the date and the time.
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Igor Dyatlov's Experiment, 4rd edition - Semiletov, Borodina
The research of documents and photos, and sources-based short version (UFO-related).
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Unidentified bodies - Videlson
The illustrated work that proved the presence of unidentified bodies on the well-known photos "bodies at the stream" (4 bodies instead of 3) and "Tibo and Luda" (there are no Luda but another, unidentified body).
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Diary of the Unknown - Videlson
The "Diary of Kolmogorova" typewritten copy from the Criminal Case vol. 1 is not the actual Kolmogorova's diary (that know for as in the handrwitten scans). But this diary, mistakenly named as "Kolmogorova diary", contains clues about Zolotarev birthday celebration at February 2.

Decipher of DAERMMUAZUAYA - Videlson
A simple decoding of simple cipher.

Moon phases on Fabruary 1959 //lighting/visibility