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Dyatlov group hike discovered films. The collection includes: full scans of six camera films (and photoshots of their negatives); miscellaneous scans from missing films. The missing frames from six films are restored by photoshots of negatives. The frame order on the negatives is partly incorrect. So the only our "six films edition" has the correct frame order and all frames are included. All films are numerated by the order different from the Foundtation's or Koskin's one. The first two films definitely were shot by Youriy Krivonischenko. These two films embraces the large part of the hike, from the beginning and to the Auspia river and possible higher. The frames from the missing tapes are collected from different sources, and some of photos may not belong to the hike '59. But may belong.
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Post-mortem photos. This archive contains photos of dead bodies where they found and at the morgue. By the new research, not all the bodies were identified.
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Rescue operation photos. The collection of rescue/search operation photos, sorted mostly by the place (i.e. "Forest", "Slope", etc.). Photos were made by students-searchers and militia stuff. The "Mohov's album" also included.
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Mohov's album. The separated photo collection dated by April-May 1959. Mohov rejects that he is the author of those photos.
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Ivanov's Archive. Published by Foundation as such name. It contains, among others, photos from the "missed films" of the last Dyatlov group hike. There is also a frame with the body erased by Foundation. According to the verbal description of this body, given by Foundation, this body looks not as any of dead bodies of the Dyatlov group members.
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Korotaev's album. Screen shots from the documentary film, where investigator Korotaev show his album related to the criminal case.
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Photos of funerals. Photos from the Dyatlov hiking party members funeral, two days.
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West Sayans, Igor Pasynkov's photo album.
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Unknown years

Pticyn's photos. Three photos from hiking weekend.
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