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Personal files

Compilation includes scans of documents related to jobs and places of study of Dyatlov group members and Nikitin.
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Criminal case materials

Below are the materials of the criminal case. There are the "Hibinafiles criminal case compilation" (with text transcriptions) and the two volumes (many photos from the Criminal Case scan are in bad quality, downquality is causes by Foundation) of 2013 year scans.

Hibinafiles criminal case compilation. It consists of scanned documents (of two volumes) and text transcripts made over them. The basis of the text transcription are the texts published by Booyanov. Those texts was updated with new, and widely edited to match with the scanned materials. This archive includes all examinations: forensic examination, histological, cuts tent and physical-technical (radiation). Archive is presented for download in two versions, differing formats of text files. The scanned images at the archives are the same.
Volume 1, ZIP with scans and OpenDocument (ODT) texts
Volume 1, ZIP with scans and Microsoft Word (DOC) texts
Volume 2, ZIP with scans

Criminal case, two volumes - not complete and with downscaled photos (that was done by Foundation and hides some important data such as watches on the Tibo's hand).
2 volumes + photo descriptions


Archive includes scanned radiograms (typewritten copies and rare handwritten originals) and the text transcripts. Some of them are not included to the Criminal Case.
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Documents from Regional Committee of the CPSU Archive

Documents related to Dyatlov group death, from Regional Committee of the CPSU. Scans and fragmental text transcriptions.
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