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This section contains hiking diaries and notebooks of Dyatlov group and Dyatlov group members by 1959 and previous years. You can downloads all materials as a one ZIP archive with this link.


Zina Kolmogorova's diary. text | scanned pages

Luda Dubinina's diary. text | scanned pages

Roostem Slobodin's diary. scanned pages

Typewritten copy of Dyatov group diary (from the Police Case). text | scanned pages

Typewritten copy of the Unknown diary (from the Police Case, mistakenly named as "Kolmogorova's Diary"). text | scanned pages | research paper


Group diary, winter. text | scanned pages

Group diary, summer. text

Igor Dyatlov's notebook. scanned pages


Dyatov group diary, summer. text

Natalia Sharina - "By South Ural. Hiking diary". link


Luda Dubinina notebook, 195?. scanned pages